The first statistical tabletop game that recreates a professional basketball game in half-an-hour, playing in solitaire!

REGULAR SEASON BASKETBALL is a statistical based tabletop game that allows you to recreate NBA games alone, quickly and in a very realistic way, by using two six-sided dice of different colours (a dark one and a white one) and two team charts. A ruler can also be useful if you want. You are not the coach, but a spectator which attends the game and watches its development and the stats accumulating in a very realistic manner.


There is a BASIC GAME, very simple and fast to play, and an ADVANCED GAME, which allows you to choose the statistical detail you desire, by giving you the possibility to keep track of minutes played by each player, blocks, steals, disqualifications, team possessions and the chance to use special playoffs rules. You should have more time to play if you desire more detail, but after learning the very simple mechanism, you will be able to play an entire game in about 30 minutes while keeping every kind of individual stats. Regular Season Basketball is ideal to replay a whole season, since actual games played by each player are also recreated by consulting the “Rest Chart” at the beginning of the game. So, no boring dice rolls before the game just to determine which player will play, no setup time involved; players will populate the scoresheet as soon as they are called in action by the chart. Also do not ask about how to resolve the opening tip-off. This is a segment by segment game, not a possessions game.


Every single game is played through several segments, each one representing three minutes of real play. In each segment, both teams roll two dice once to determine scores and stats; after four segments a quarter of 12 minutes will be over. To complete an NBA game, 16 dice rolls are required by each team. For an NCAA game the time scale is different with each die roll representing four minutes and 10 total rolls necessary to complete a game. When a tie game occurs, an overtime is played by rolling the dice once more for each team, this being the only case in which a segment represents five minutes instead of three.


You will never loose the feeling of the game because alternating the dice rolls between the two teams you have the score for each three minutes of play, catching the drama of a close game, realizing “garbage time” situations, big come-backs and the influence of the home court advantage very strong specially in the final minutes of a game.


Try the demo, look at our game examples and have a look at the available seasons…




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Regular Season Basketball is a game created and developed by Marco Walter.

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