When you buy a complete season of whatever league, you will receive a package with Team charts in full color, Scoresheet, Season schedule with all the game results, a full color Cover to complete your season printing and a full copy of the entire Rules of the game, Basic and Advanced. Moreover particular seasons are provided also with special rules like ABA or NCAA.


When you order and pay, you will receive a zipped archive within 24 hours. Please be patient because your orders are always received but we need some time to manage them.


There are so many seasons available to buy and download and many others are ready to come! Let us know which season you wish you see on the site and we shall be glad to prepare and post for you! Go to the "Contact Us" page and compile the form to be sure that your season of interest will be rated.

Please be aware that in the interests of security of international copyright, all games we sell by pdf e-mail format have an embedded hidden code unique to your order within each file which is traceable in the event of breach of copyright. All sales made are for your own personal use only and not for sharing in any form